Dr. Zhu has helped hundreds of patients. Here are some of their reviews.

Excellent Service, Excellent practice, Excellent environment. Dr. Ping Zhu has saved my life!
— Sandra
After a nerve damaging virus took over my body last year and caused extreme pain, Dr. Zhu has been the only doctor to relieve me of all my pain. He is honest, understanding, and always willing to help. He has helped me regain my physical strength as well as my emotional strength. He is very professional and always willing to listen. He is one of the most caring doctors and works truly hard to guarantee that every patient is happy and well. He creates a calm and serene setting so all patients feel at ease and at peace. I have recommended Dr. Zhu to many friends and family members who are also so very pleased with Dr. Zhu’s work. He has helped so many! I would love others to have the same great experience that I had.
In the field of acupuncture there is no one more experienced, authentic, accomplished, or professional than Dr. Zhu. He has made an immense difference in my life.
— Anonymous
Dr. Zhu has helped me over the years with a variety of issues that medical doctors have not been able to resolve. He is so knowledgeable, so professional and so gentle, that you can’t help but feel comfortable that you’re in fantastic hands with him. He has spoiled me, not just for acupuncture, but for any doctor. He has been practicing for many years, both in the US and in China, and believes that both Western medicine and Acupuncture have their place. You can’t go wrong with Dr. Zhu and I highly recommend him for just about any medical issue.
— Scott
I have never had an acupuncture treatment before and I do not regret finding Dr. Zhu! He has helped me with aches and injuries and improving my overall health. He is very professional and honest about how he can help you and has vast experience. He is friendly and I have complete trust that I am receiving not only a high quality of treatment but also the correct treatment. I can’t thank him enough and have recommended him to family and friends! I have no doubt that they will benefit as much as I have!
— Leis
If Dr. Zhu tells you he can help your condition, whatever it maybe, he will. He stopped my chronic headaches after suffering for 8 years. No medical doctor was able to help me for all those years.
— Anonymous
I have been to Dr. Ping Zhu many times for various problems over the last 1 1/2 years. I first started acupuncture with Dr. Zhu for a lateral meniscus tear in my knee. I was scheduled for arthroscopy surgery at the time and thought maybe I could avoid surgery through acupuncture. My knee pain was preventing me from doing any kind fo exercising, even walking. After only a few acupuncture treatments with Dr. Zhu, my knee had improved so much so that I was able to cancel the arthroscopy. My pain decreased enough that I am able to resume my regular intense cardio activity and weight training. If I do get an occasional flare up, Dr. Zhu has been able to eliminate the pain and get me back to my routine again. I have also gone to Dr. Zhu for hip pain, respiratory infections, and general stress relief, all of which he has treated extremely successfully. I have been to a number of acupuncturists over the years and Dr. Zhu is by far the best I’ve been to!
— Kris
This Dr. is amazing. I was told that I needed surgery for blocked tear ducts but with 3 visits I’m good to go! I recommend this wonderful doctor.
— Anonymous
Dr Zhu is a professional of the highest standing. I had eczema over my entire body and suffering so that I hardly slept for four months. I went to Dr Zhu weekly for about three months, am happy to report I am back to near normal, Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have not only cured me, have shown how important alternative medicine is. I am sure my condition results from stress and the acupuncture also helped with the stress. Dr Zhu is filled with knowledge, having trained in his native China. As a result of his training, he brings to his patients so much experience that I wonder why I ever went to a doctor of dermatology in the first place. He treats many medical ailments, I would recommend him to any one in need.
— Sharon
I had bells palsy on my left face really bad. I couldn’t close my eyes and couldn’t smile at all. Dr. Zhu treatments work very well on me. He examined my pulse and tongue carefully every time. He does not only target the issue itself but also the overall body health to accelerate my response to his treatments. Now I can smile again! Thank you, Dr. Zhu.
— Charlotte